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THE PHILIPPINES - These islands have remarkable geothermal resources. Rapid subduction of the Philippine plate under the Eurasian plate results in active faulting and volcanism. Philippine geothermal fields are large (average 220 MWe) and development is active. Geothermal resources are most developed on Luzon (the population center) and on the island of Leyte. Subsea cables may soon be used to carry power between islands. Geothermal has been on a fast track here. The first plant started as recently as 1979, and electrical capacity is already at 1393 MWe with contracts for another 507 MWe to be on line by the end of 1998. At this rate the Philippines (now #2) may well be #1 in geothermal power production by the end of the century. In the Philippines, geothermal heat is also used directly for fish processing, salt production and drying coconuts and fruit.

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October 11, 1997
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