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NORTHERN EUROPE - In France hot water (1470 GWh/yr) is used in the Paris and Aquitaine sedimentary basins (from wells up to 1800 m deep and 45-85degrees C) to heat over 200,000 homes. Similar basins are found in Belgium (28 GWh/yr), Germany (about 800 GWh/yr and 50% more by 2000), Denmark (12.5 GWh/yr), the Netherlands and England, where heating systems like those in France are being tested. Researchers have experimented with Hot Dry Rock projects in England, France and Germany to see if water pumped into hot dry rocks can be heated economically. Heat pumps are used now to extract largely geothermal heat from (5 to 10 degrees C) groundwater in Switzerland (964 GWh/yr), Sweden (267 GWh/yr), and other northern European countries. Parts of Switzerland, Germany, France and Austria have alpine geothermal spas like those in Eastern Europe.

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October 11, 1997
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