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EASTERN AND SOUTHERN MEDITERRANEAN - A complex plate boundary crosses Turkey and Greece where several high-temperature geothermal prospects have been found. Since 1984, the Kizildere field in western Turkey has produced 20.4 MWe, and a dry ice plant was built in the late 80s. The plant makes dry ice using CO2 from geothermal wells, supplying a large part of the Near East market. Lower temperature hot water (552 GWh/yr) is used for heating and greenhouses at Ankara, Izmir and elsewhere. In Greece 37 GWh/yr is used directly, and on Milos a 2 MWe flash plant was operated for several years. In Israel and Jordan, at the Red Sea - Jordan Valley Rift (between the African and Arabian plates), many hot springs (to 102degrees C) are used for bathing and heating (332 GWh/yr in Israel). Geothermal hot water is used in Algeria (460 GWh/yr) and Tunisia (400 GWh/yr) for bathing, greenhouses, drinking and watering crops.

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October 11, 1997
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