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EASTERN CHINA - Eastern China is not close to a plate boundary, but has hot water in sedimentary basins similar to those in northern Europe. Direct use in 1995 totaled 4717 GWh/yr. In Tianjin and Beijing, more than 400 wells provide 6000 kg/h of hot (50-70degrees C) water for space heating, cloth dyeing and paper processing. In rural areas hot water is used for over 300 acres of greenhouses, drying crops and fish farming (430 acres of ponds). Throughout the country hot water is used for bathing and heating. Geothermal greenhouses in northeast China allow early starts of rice plants and an increase in production. Small geothermal power plants of 300 and 686 kWe capacity are in use in eastern China. 80 to 100 MWe production is planned for all of China by 2000. Nearby Taiwan is close to a plate boundary and has a large high-temperature volcanic-geothermal field at Tatun (too acid for present use), as well as lower-temperature fields at Chingshui (3 MWe) and at Tuchang (300 kWe).

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October 11, 1997
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