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EASTERN EUROPE - Warm water (to 80degrees C) from deep (500-2000 m) wells in sedimentary basins is used in Hungary (1630 GWh/yr), Bulgaria (220 GWh/yr), Slovakia (502 GWh/yr), Romania (360 GWh/yr), Poland (206 GWh/yr) and the former Yugoslavia (1085 GWh/yr), mostly for swimming pools, greenhouses, and health spas. Medium-temperature geothermal aquifers exist beneath almost all of Hungary, so wells can usually be located wherever heat is needed: for bathing (45%), greenhouses (42%), industry (10%) and space heating (3%). Large amounts are also cooled for drinking. In southwest Hungary, where thermal aquifers are the deepest and hottest (to 140 degrees C), more than 80% of all greenhouses are heated by geothermal waters. In Poland and the Czech Republic, hot water rich in mineral salts from crystalline rocks is used for bathing and as medicine. The famous Czech thermal spas of Carlsbad and Marienbad have been popular for 500 years.

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October 11, 1997
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