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CENTRAL AMERICAN VOLCANIC BELT - Central American volcanoes extend along a subducting plate boundary through Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and into Panama. This area, replete with active and recently active volcanoes, has many geothermal systems, most still undrilled. Development is most advanced in El Salvador, with a total of 105 MWe at Ahuachapan and Berlin. At one time Ahuachapan provided almost half of EI Salvador's electrical power. Nicaragua has 70 MWe at its Momotombo field. Miravalles, Costa Rica, generates 70 MWe and will add 55 MWe more by December 1997. A 24 MWe plant is under construction at Zunil, Guatemala, and several other areas in Central America are being considered for development.

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October 11, 1997
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