This slide show was funded by the U. S. Department of Energy, Geothermal Technologies Program.

This project was conceived by Marilyn Nemzer and George Frye and compiled and organized by by Anna Carter and Marilyn Nemzer for the Geothermal Education Office. Production of the slide show has been a collaborative industry effort. Over fifty individuals and companies have contributed their photos, time and expertise, including:

Dave Anderson
Liz Battocletti
Dick Benoit
Dave Blackwell
Kit Bloomquist
Paul Brophy
Lou Capuano
Andrea Carter
J. Cluley (Trantor)
Ted Clutter
Jack Dean
Ron DiPippo
Marnell Dickson
Tom Flynn
Ingvar Fridleifson
George Frye
Fraser Goff
Sue Goff

Arni Gunnarsson
Murray Grande
Warren Gretz
Susan Hodgson
Jeff Hulen
Gerry Huttrer
Allan Jelacic
Joe LaFleur
Mike Lane
Ray LaSala
Hank Lebowitz
Marcelo LIppman
Jim Lovekin
Jim Loveland
John Lund
Tony Mahon
Tsvi Meidav
Roy MInk

Ellen Margon

Joe Moore
Ken Nemzer
Deborah Page
Quintin Pastrana
Lew Pratsch
Joel Renner
Kevin Rafferty
Marshall Reed
Dan Schochet
Oddur Sigurdsson
Estela Smith
Don Thomas
Alfred Truesdell
Al Waibel
Phil Wannamaker
Charlene Wardlow
Jim Witcher
Mike Wright


Bob Lawrence & Associates, Inc.
California Division of Oil, Gas & Geothermal Resources
Calpine Corporation
Columbia Geosciences
EGS, Inc.
Entropy, Inc.
Fluthingsmidlunin Jonar
Geologist Extraordinaire
Geothermal Development Associates
Geothermal Management Company, Inc.
Geothermal Resources Council
Geothermal Support Services
GeothermEx, Inc.
Greenbrae Environmental, Inc.
Idaho National Environmental & Engineering Lab
Kingston-Morrison Ltd.
Lake County, California
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Mid-American Energy
National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Oregon Institute of Technology, GeoHeat Center
Orkustofnun Gresasvegur
Ormat International, Inc.
Oxbow Power Services, Inc.
Parsons Brinkerhoff Power - GENZL Division
Photos To Go
Philippine Geothermal, Inc.
Russell Associates
Shorey and Associates
Southern Methodist University, Dept. of Geological Sciences
ThermaSource, Incorporated
Trans-Pacific Geothermal Corp.
Tranter -- Texas Division
University of Hawaii Institute of Geophysics
University of Idaho Water Resources Research Institute
University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
University of Utah, Energy and Geoscience Institute
Washington State University Energy Program


Most of the computer graphics and the basic look of the slides were created by Gordon Loveland, under the direction of Joel Renner at the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Lab. Several graphics were created or edited by Gary Varnell at Digital Graphic Studios (who was introduced to the project by Gordon Bloomquist of the Washington State University Energy Office) and the computer graphics staff at the University of Hawaii (through Don Thomas).

Thurston Productions redesigned and produced the final slide set and converted it to Powerpoint.


Note To Educators and Energy Professionals

Contact the Geothermal Education Office for:

  • Videos, slide sets and printed materials to assist you in educating varied audiences about geothermal energy and energy issues: your students, your communities, your clients or funding agencies, your shareholders, new-hires and nontechnical staff.

  • Assistance in organizing workshops or community energy events.

  • Access to expert speakers about geothermal energy.

Powerpoint File and 35mm Slides

35mm Slides: This slide show (with script) is available in 35mm slides. It can be purchased from the Geothermal Education Office at cost ($300), plus shipping. Depending on availability, we can rent you a slide set for special presentations in your communities (see Note to Educators and Energy Professionals).

Powerpoint CD: This slide show (with script) is available in Powerpoint on CD. The CD, which also includes other educational documents, can be purchased from the Geothermal Education Office for $24.00, plus shipping.

For high-resolution, publication-quality digital files or slides, see Permission to Publish.


Permission to Publish

Of course, you are free to print the images from this website for your personal educational uses.

High resolution digital, print or slide copies can be ordered from the Geothermal Education Office.

For permission to publish any of the images from this slide show in a video, print publication, slide set, CD or electronic distribution such as on a website, or other media, contact the Geothermal Education Office. There is often a charge or request for donation associated with the foregoing.



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