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Arthur G. Mole You'll find a sampling of 'Fun Stuff' linked to this page. These activities represent some of the many that are a part of the Curriculum's activities. Professor Mole reminds you that in the "Do it with Mirrors" demonstration heat is used, so be sure to follow the safety precautions that are included in the directions.
Print the following pages to work with them.

Earth Search -

Find the terms relating to the 'Ring of Fire' in the grid of letters.

Hot Stuff -

True/False, Matching and Word Scramble using geothermal terms.

Do it with mirrors: A demonstration of the effects of burning fossil fuels -

A demonstration project using materials and heat. Work with another person and be sure a responsible adult is at hand.

Geothermal Facts Introductory / Advanced / Glossary

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December 23 , 2000
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